Xiu Li  

(pronouced as "Hsiu Lee")

Researcher, Tencent XR Vision Labs
Email: lixiulive [at] gmail [dot] com

Google Scholar / Github


My research interests lie broadly in computer vision,computer graphics and machine learning. I'm focusing on 3D reconstruction and synthesis, particularly on neural rendering and digital human avatar. The goal of my research is to develop methods for faithfully capturing, manipulating and synthesizing our real world.


Neural Capture of Animatable 3D Human from Monocular Video
Estimating Neural Reflectance Field from Neural Radiance Field using Tree Structures
Universal and Flexible Optical Aberration Correction Using Deep-Prior Based Deconvolution
4D Association Graph for Realtime Multi-person Motion Capture Using Multiple Video Cameras
Full-body Markless Motion Capture with Full-body Parsing
Structure from Recurrent Motion:From Rigidity to Recurrency

Short Bio (cv)

    Dr. Xiu Li is a Research Scientist at Tencent XR Lab. He received Ph.D. degree from Tsinghua University in 2022. He was a visiting scholar in School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University from Sep. 2017 to Aug, 2019, working with Prof.Yaser Sheikh and Prof. Hongdong Li. Before that, Xiu received B.E. in Department of Automation,Tsinghua University. He has also been with Microsoft Research Asia and Bytedance. His research spans from 3D Vision to computational photography and machine learning. He was with the champion team of 2013 International Aerial Robotics Competition.